Research Management


Research governance ensures the delivery of high quality research. It is defined as the broad range of regulations, principles and standards of good practice that exist to achieve, and continuously improve, research quality across all aspects of biological science and chemistry. Research governance helps to improve research and safeguard the researchers and participants.
The CGRF is committed to providing a research environment that develops good research practice and nurtures a culture of research integrity . The Board Research Advisory Committee and Research Management Committee provides strategic directions and advice on broader research agenda as well as based on Foundation priorities.


Research Committee

Board of Research Committee :

The scope of the activities envisaged for the committee include,

To provide policy guidelines and direction for the growth and development of research activities
To advice on thrust areas and disciplines for introducing research programmes and related activities for future development in research.
To suggest measures for improving existing infrastructural facilities for research and analysis
To recommend projects and explore the funding agencies
Any other related issues

Ethical Committee

Intellectual Property Cell  :

Chemgeneics has in-house intellectual property cell for patent seraching, technology landscape review, due diligence,freedom to operate analysis, patent analytics, filing and technology transfer.
Our Intellectual Property Cell is professionally managed by Attorneys, technology experts and business managers. We have dedicated team for technology review before start of any research project.