Services For Research Scholars

Contract labs perform scientific research and testing on one or more components of projects for research scholars or external clients. ChemGeneics  is an independent testing and research  lab in Noida, India. We provide a diverse range of biological and chemical analysis for your research.
Our service charges will  be levied to cover the expenses of Chemical, Reagents, Instrument operation cost and other office expenses.

Design of Synopsis for Research Work
Lab Work for your research
Scientific or Research Data Analysis
Writing of Research Papers
Thesis Writing


Contract Lab services

Bio Analytical Services

Our bioanalytical services include; HPLC  Analysis, Analysis by GC , Mass Spectrometry Analysis, Anti-Oxidant Assay and Other Bio Assays. DOWNLOAD

Molecular Biology Services

We At Chemgeneics Provide Sequencing, PCR & Real Time PCR, Cloning & Experssion, Metagenomic and Genotyping Services. DOWNLOAD

Proteomics Analysis

ChemGeneics Offers Protein Purification, Protein Analysis, Protein Electrophoresis , Antibody Purification And Protein Extraction Services.. DOWNLOAD

Toxicity Analysis

Our toxicity analysis services include; Genotoxicity Analysis, Water Analysis, Environmental Analysis,Industrial Effluent & Chemical Toxicity Analysis. DOWNLOAD

Bio Chemical Assay

We at ChemGeneics provide Enzyme analysis and production, amino acid analysis, antibody purification services, antioxidant & toxicity assay  . DOWNLOAD

Cell Culture Assay

Our bioanalytical services include; microbiology analysis, metagenomics assay, cell culure assay, Cell Proliferation Assay, FACS Analysis. DOWNLOAD

Research under one roof

Construction of the screening system for bio-acti
Refinement of the chemical array system
Analysis of the mechanisms behind the activities of
Mining and functional analysis of novel molecular targets
Collection & Mapping of Biologicals


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Writing & Data Analysis

Research Data Analysis
Writing of Research Paper
Thesis Writing
Writing of research plan
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Why we collect charges for laboratory services ?   

We collect charges to cover the expenses invested on chemicals, reagents,man power,  lab equipment maintenance, electricity and other research accessories.

ChemGeneics Research & Analysis Lab provide services for academia, graduate or undergraduate students, Ph.D Scholars and other independant researchers.

It really depends on for whom you work, what you need, and how you deploy it. We offer discounts for academics, government institutions and students.